Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hammerhead (SLF) shark picture

WX-sunny, sea-1/2 to 1m, current-strong, vis-40m

I did not believe what I have been hearing for the past few days. So, I jumped into the water for the 1st dive. It is true, there is a school of SLFs(hammerheads) about 30 that passed me by at 30m depth.

No photos because I had a cheap camera. But then again, even if I had an expensive camera set up with me, it would still be the same (no photos). Which reminds me of a question a diver asked. "How did the diver take a photo from beneath the hammerhead" from the previous post.

There are 2 way of doing/taking that photo.
Option A
1. get a baby hammerhead
2. train daily until it responds to all your commands
3. keep feeding it until big enough to fill your camera lens
4. release into the sea and hope that it responds to your commands
5. keep your fingers crossed

Option B
1. contact your nearest travel agent
2. confirm and pay for your trip to Layang Layang
3. when you are here, we will tell how you can/t take the photo

Good luck on your endeavor (option A) or see you soon (option B), which is more fun.


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