Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pygmy Sea Horse

Wx- Still very hot and calm seas.

The excitement for the day is a pygmy sea horse (for the Dms at least). At Wreck Point, about 18 meters depth, hiding in a 1 meter sea fan, We do not have any good pictures yet, but hopefully we will get it tomorrow.

As for the famous Hammerhead schools, they are around as usual. Three groups of lucky divers saw them on all three dives of the day, at different times at different sites. Sites that all the 'know alls' think are the most boring dive sites. We guess they 'know' a bit more now than before. Mobulars sighted again. Seems to be a regular feature nowadays. That's it for now.

Don't you guys out there wish these hot chicks are your DMs?

Not to worry girls, we have not forgotten you. We are saving the hunk photo for another post.


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