Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Monday, March 12, 2007

Excitement (we think)

Wx- still very very good.

The excitement never ends, here at Layang Layang…Not only do we have lots of action in the deep blue sea – hammers, pygmy devil rays, HUGE dogtooth tuna’s, marble rays and the school of jacks… We also had our own fire…
Forest fires are a yearly occurrence in other parts of Malaysia.. But this was Layang’s first. Thankfully no fingers got burnt.. only the grass.
The wind blew the fire towards the runway, and all the way around the football pitch, leaving the area intact for the staff to enjoy their afternoon sporting

REMINDER: If you smoke cigarettes or cigars, make sure to throw the butts away in a safe place. Not in the field or garden. It is very dry on land now, we appreciate all the common sense applied by all. Thank you.


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