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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bad Weather

Just a weather recap for May.

On 1st to 3rd we got hit by the tail end of a typhoon west of Philippines at the same time as cyclone Najis hit Myannmar (Burma) in Bay of Bengal. Then on 10th to 12th we got hit again by tail end of typhoon Rammusan west of Philippines again. Immediately following this on 13th until now we are in the middle of a tropical depression in South China Sea. Another tropical depression at the same time west of Philippine. God is great.

Not a good time to be in paradise at the moment. This morning the 2nd flight got delayed and almost could not land. The pilot could not see the runway. He was circling the island and was trying to decide if he should return to KK. When he saw a lull(60 seconds) in the raging storm, he landed. Took off KK 30 minutes later in the storm. What a pilot.

Dives for the day was only in the lagoon. The seas was too rough for the dive boats to go out of the atoll. Boarding the dive boat at the jetty was an adventure by itself. Guess the only hammerheads we'll be seeing is in the gift shop of the resort. Still raining at this moment. Even the plants have overdosed on wind and rain.

Now for the good part. We still have wifi, food and mobile phone service. Forgot, beer and wine too.

We will be holding a candle light prayer tonight for good weather ASAP. Failing which we will just have to switch it off.


  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Borneoturtle said…

    hahaha I was there during this time with my group and we had like 3 metre swell on the surface! but mind you we went ahead with the dives and our boat got to see the hundreds of hammerheads!

    We are safe though a number of our members got sick and pucking on our dive boat. heheh

    But i am sure all the divers with me were grinning with a big smile on their faces with such fantastic dives and sightings we had.

    Thank you a million Layang Layang.

    Yanni - Borneo Turtle


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