Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Friday, June 16, 2006

Quiet Days

Wx-earlier 2 days were sunny and hot, today is rain and cloudy, Sea- flat calm

Mantas everyday. On some dives, even 2 mantas swimming together. Definitely manta time now. These sightings do not happen often in Layang Layang. Guess it must be due to the change in world climate (theorectically speaking).

If you want to know exactly where Layang Layang is located, get this to help you. Hey, maybe you can see us waving at you with our bikinis and g-strings.

Contributions of new photos have been slow due to the excitement underwater. Will have to make do from our earlier collections. Photos from kurt and asther. Bye.


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