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Friday, June 02, 2006

We Are Back

Hello all, miss us?
Before we go any further with the news, please read the following paragraph.
All future and potential IGNORAMUS are reminded that this is NOT an OFFICIAL BLOG. We can and will write anything and everything (funny or otherwise). This blog has nothing to do with the company that manages the resort. If you don't like the subjects or the links or the people contributing to this blog or find it offensive you can piss off. And if you still think we are writing about you in this blog, then you must really be paranoid. YOU have a choice, DON"T READ THIS BLOG. We are only writing this blog for divers who wants to know the daily news on whats happening in Layang Layang Island.

We have a problem trying to summarize all of 20 days happening. So you all will have to bear with us on this long post. Another problem came up with the post. This was yesterday's post. Blogger had a problem.

11th- Not much happening except for a whale shark that came head on to a couple of divers. The photos you see of the whale shark was taken by Yasuaki and Yoshie san from Japan. Lucky buggers. Forgot to mention about the 5 mobulars as well.
12th- Hammerhead school and mobulars
13th- Wind change, some very lucky Thai divers that got to see Hammerhead schools on their first day. Most everybody saw them as well. Good day, even better for the DMs (pressure off).
14th- Low preesure in the weather or considered mini typhoon. Not too bad, only about 1-2 meters waves. Hammerheads again and more pygmy sea horses as well.
15th- Hammerheads school, mobulars, overcast sky but still very diveable.
16th- Hammerheads, 9 pygmy sea horses. Overcast sky and heavy passing showers. At least the plants are happy.
17th- Whale shark again and thresher. Sunshine and the sunbathers are out with their colourful bikinis.

18th- As promised to the female divers, this photo is of the potential Dms. Underwater, 1 thresher, 1 mobular, 1 hammerhead and a lot of sunshine.
19th- Hammerhead school, very flat sea and still alot of sunshine.
20th- This is getting tiring, we'll combine the whole damn happenings in one go as of this day until 31st May.
What we got are hammerheads, thresher on a couple of days, mobulars, dolphins, mantas on other days. generally, sighting of all these stuff are quite regular. For the hammerheads, they come and they go. if you are lucky they hang around a couple of days in a row. It rained cats, dogs, oliphants and 1 whale shark on the 23rd but flat seas. Then it got really really hot for the next couple of days. Sightings of the pelagics were about the same but in lesser numbers. We had dolphins with the divers underwater a couple of times. We had a surface sighting of the Melon Headed Whales on the 30th. And on the last day, 1 whale shark, 3 hammerheads and dolphins again. That's it for the past 20 days.

Wx-bloody hot and damn sunny, Sea-flat calm like a mirror

As for today (today just became yesterday), some divers leaving tomorrow and had their last dive. They were happy to see 4 hammerheads and to have seen quite a lot of stuff for the past couple of days but still wish for better.
On the 2nd dive which they can't go, the other divers comes back to rub salt in their wound. They saw manta. Hammerhead school, thresher shark, mobulars and dolphins all in 45 minutes of diving. Better luck next time for those leaving is all we can say.

PS. Thanks for being patient. We'll try to keep you abreast of everything as often as possible.


  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger The Penitent Man said…

    Hi, on behalf of those few divers leaving tomorrow, (or indeed yesterday), we would appreciate it if the respective DMs could arrange for a school of hammerheads and mantas to be around the next time we are there, preferably with a pod of dolphins to tow us along to keep up and a couple of orcas to flank us for protection from that tiger shark circling below. Oh.. and perhaps a whale shark or two swimming above, you know, for shade... umm.. is two weeks advance notice enough? :-)

    Easily the best 5 days of diving we've ever had...

  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger Asther said…

    More hunks! More hunks! More hunks! ;P Hehehe...


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