Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello All

It has been sort of an interesting week so far.

Wx- Strong winds and choppy sea then sunshine, windless and hot. Now it is cloudy and overcast but calm sea. Vis- varied from green to clear blue and now dark without the sun.

Sightings for pelagics were 2 schools of hammerheads, mobulars, mantas and a whale shark yesterday. A lot of pygmy sea horses, ghost pipes and leaf fishes.

Kurt is back and now we have more photos to post. All these are from him, using a nikon with a seacam housing. Notice there are no rear shots? Phtographers out there, you ever wonder why?

The underwater photo competition is next week. The weather and vis for next week will be................. (someone better organise the bomoh quick, just in case).

We have an idea that we want to run it by you guys (only if you think you are a Friend of Layang Layang). We will tell you what it is on the next post.

We'll try to get more photos of the other types of underwater life for the next couple of post. Hope these photos satisfy your visual appetite. Until next post(soon), cheerio.


  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger Asther said…

    Good luck to all the photo contest participants. May they have good weather, plenty of fishes, sharks & other critters to be their underwater models.


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