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Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bad Weather

Just a weather recap for May.

On 1st to 3rd we got hit by the tail end of a typhoon west of Philippines at the same time as cyclone Najis hit Myannmar (Burma) in Bay of Bengal. Then on 10th to 12th we got hit again by tail end of typhoon Rammusan west of Philippines again. Immediately following this on 13th until now we are in the middle of a tropical depression in South China Sea. Another tropical depression at the same time west of Philippine. God is great.

Not a good time to be in paradise at the moment. This morning the 2nd flight got delayed and almost could not land. The pilot could not see the runway. He was circling the island and was trying to decide if he should return to KK. When he saw a lull(60 seconds) in the raging storm, he landed. Took off KK 30 minutes later in the storm. What a pilot.

Dives for the day was only in the lagoon. The seas was too rough for the dive boats to go out of the atoll. Boarding the dive boat at the jetty was an adventure by itself. Guess the only hammerheads we'll be seeing is in the gift shop of the resort. Still raining at this moment. Even the plants have overdosed on wind and rain.

Now for the good part. We still have wifi, food and mobile phone service. Forgot, beer and wine too.

We will be holding a candle light prayer tonight for good weather ASAP. Failing which we will just have to switch it off.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hello All 2008

We are back. Better late than never.

For the past couple of months we have been very busy. Greater number of divers per day compared to previous years. The number of happy divers still outnumber the unhappy divers. So far so good. From all the previous postings, we guess you will surmise who the unhappy divers are. Unfortunately some want their money back by running down the resort. Can't win them all and definitely no money back.

Schooling hammerheads are regularly sighted with 22.5 mobulars (pygmy devil rays), mantas, silvertips, threshers and the rest of the underwater marine gang.

The weather was fantastic with sunshine almost everyday until 3 days ago. The guy upstairs decided we need to get wet before we actually get wet. We have been asked by guests to switch off the bad weather until they leave (we will try to oblige as soon as we contact that guy upstairs).

We have started 2 new blogs on the weather and the sightings. You can go over there to check up on the latest.

The resort have wifi permanently available. BYO laptops, iphone, pda and it will be free. NO COMPUTER available for rent in the resort. We have mobile phone coverage/roaming available as of this year. If you want to use local numbers, then make sure you get telco CELCOM (013 or 019). It is not owned or operated by us, so if it does not work, don't whinge to us. if you feel that an island so out of the way should not have mobile coverage, you are behind time. Just switch it off, at least you have a choice.

We have also started a facebook group (maddy is the admin). If you are looking for your friends or want to join up, do a group search for Layang Layang Island Resort (at facebook, not google or yahoo please for the internet unsavvy). Hope you find a friend there and if you don't, we will not think the worst or pathetic of you. Friends like us are not easy to come by, heh,heh. We will start twittering one day. And when we do, we will be twits just like any other twits.

We will try to continue posting on this blog when something interesting comes along or happen. We will also try to put more better quality photos if and when we get our hands on it.

Ciao ciao until ..........
ps. the aircraft for this year looks like a puffer and seats 12. Oh, and the price of oil just went up, we guess you know what that means.


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