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Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Thursday, May 11, 2006



Let us clarify our blog.
1. This IS NOT an official company (Layang Layang Island Resort) blog.
2. This IS a private and personal blog.
3. Whatever is written, posted, linked, commented is at our discretion.
4. Whatever posted that you disagree, do not condone or find distasteful is at your discretion.
5. Do not take it personally unless you feel you are one or two of the silly idiotic people mentioned in previous and future posts.
6. If you have a problem with this blog, comment in this blog or post.
7. We have all the rights to advertise, link to advertisement, link to people that has advertisements and make money (should we decide to).
8. This blog is for happy divers. HAPPY DIVERS!
9. This blog has no commercial value (yet), it is meant as daily news for all the friends we know and will know.
10. (saving for another really idiotic clarification)

If you so desire, you can be registered as an officially certified idiot by making a comment (right hand bottom corner with the little envelope) on this post. Do not feel embarass, you are not the first. That honour goes to another. You will also not be the last.
So please feel free to comment (remember-right hand bottom corner with the little envelope).

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Surface Interval

Damn good weather and we hope it stays the same for as long as possible.
It has been a fun filled 2 months of blogging but it's also time to take a break. We are having writers' block/blog. If you notice, we have been writing about the same fishes for 2 months and it's getting a bit bor............. for us. To all the contributors of photos, stories and laughter, thank you very much. As for the others, we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. And the few others that did not enjoy it, switch blogs.

We hope this photo will keep you thinking of us. This shot was taken by a HK/US diver (very nice man) not too long ago. It is of another diver celebrating his birthday in his birthday suit on his birthday/night. That's what we call open minded and whatever else that comes to your mind. Think happy thoughts and dive for fun.

ps. like arnie once said, "we'll be back".

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Only One Hammerhead School

WX-Another great day, sunshine, calm seas and good vis (we think).
One school of hammerheads.
Russians leaving tomorrow. 25 Thais coming this Saturday. We guess it's 'tom yam' time. We got to make sure the ice cream is eaten last (famous saying-last in last out).

Are you wondering how many comments we will get for the previous post? So are we.
Do you girls really want the hunks photo?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Clear Skies

Wx-Clear skies, sunshine and flat calm seas. Diving weather.

Like the caption says. No worries of flight delays, missed connecting flights, disgruntrled guests and NO FLIGHTS. How ironic, that we have a beautiful day for everything today and no one is arriving or leaving the island. When we really needed good weather like yesterday and the day before (40 arrivals and 60 departures), the plane gets delayed and cancelled. Ahh..., someone up there really like/dislike us we think.

OK. Back to the diving, the wind is slowly but surely changing from a North Easterly to a South Westerly direction. That means the diving over at the Valley end will get choppier if the wind decides to pick up. The vis will also be affected. Only one sighting of the school but then you know there are lots of other stuff to look for. For example like jacks, mobulars, grey reef, millions of other reef fishes and the pygmies.

That's all folks unless you all want something more specific. Bye.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rain Again

Wx- Rain whole day. Seas calm.

First off, NO hammerheads today but dolphins. As for the rest of the others, they are there.

Well, we almost had another group of Japanese that could not their connecting flight in KK to go home. The aircraft touched down on the island and immediately it started to pour 3 months worth of rainfall. Everyone ran for cover including the pilots.

After the rain slowed down at about 2 pm, it's boarding time and the pilots discovered a flat tyre. Now we have to locate the pilots of the spare plane in KK and fly over the spare tyre. Lucky for us/them the weather held up until they arrived at about 3.30 pm. Was it mentioned, this delayed flight is the 2nd flight, supposed to have taken off at 11 am? Getting worried about your connecting flight home if you ever come here, eh? You should be, if you have a connecting flight too close to our estimated arrival time in KK. This is the second time in a row this year that we had to delay or cancel a flight due to weather. It doesn't happen often but then........ Happy holidays.

Ps. We do not get involve or reimburse for an act of god (meaning, you pay for your missed connecting flight/s and all other expenses incurred).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Heavy Weather

Wx-Rainfall and heavy clouds everywhere except Layang Layang. Sea Calm.

The weather was good and bad today. In the morning weather was sunny but there was a thunderstorm developing in KK and half way to the island. We were supposed to have 6 flights today but only 5 was completed before the heavens opened up in KK. The pilots did not want to fly the last flight for safety reasons. 7 Japanese stranded on the island and missed their flight home to Japan. They will get connected tomorrow hopefully. Goes to show how remote we are and the weather controls everything, including what you see or don't see underwater.

Back into the water and so, what's new you ask? Nothing except for same old school of hammerheads, 2 pygmy sea horse (a sudden increase of 100%) and 15 Russian divers. Lucky devils saw the hammerheads too and on their first dive.

Only topside shot of the orca. For the rest of the body underwater, just imagine the white patches and bloody big mouth.

Until next time. Bye.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Wx-Heavy passing shower on the 2nd dive. Hot and sunny after.

Hammerheads, dolphins and all the other stuff.
(Use a magnifying glass if you have to)
This year has so far been exceptional. We had Thresher, Oceanic white tips, Sperm whales, Whale shark, Pygmy sea horse and now ORCAs(check dictionary). The hammerhead schools kind of pale in comparison. So far most of the divers we have for the past 3 months have also been exceptional fun people. Except for the odd few. The Dms feel so good that they are willing to pay to work here (please note that this is an unsolicited assumption).

For those divers that's been here before and had snorkelled with them(orca), you know the feeling. There is nothing in comparison when you see a mammal that size and reputation right next to you. It's definitely better than 7 years of good.......

Sorry, no photo yet. The diver that had the photo wanted payment for it. Goes to show what humans are all about. There is nothing wrong with that but ........ good riddance. We can show you an old photo but it's never the same. What a turn off and all because of monetary gains. Anyway, CHEERS to all the other good folks.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pygmy Sea Horse

Wx- Still very hot and calm seas.

The excitement for the day is a pygmy sea horse (for the Dms at least). At Wreck Point, about 18 meters depth, hiding in a 1 meter sea fan, We do not have any good pictures yet, but hopefully we will get it tomorrow.

As for the famous Hammerhead schools, they are around as usual. Three groups of lucky divers saw them on all three dives of the day, at different times at different sites. Sites that all the 'know alls' think are the most boring dive sites. We guess they 'know' a bit more now than before. Mobulars sighted again. Seems to be a regular feature nowadays. That's it for now.

Don't you guys out there wish these hot chicks are your DMs?

Not to worry girls, we have not forgotten you. We are saving the hunk photo for another post.

Yesterday's Post

Wx-Bloody hot, in other words damn good sun tan.

Sighting-Same as the day before, the usual line up. Exception, dolphins in abundance.

You want to know what a good time diving holiday is? This picture speaks a thousand words.

Good company, great weather, nice dives and NO EXPECTATIONS. Cheers.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weather for Divers and Ducks

WX-Heavy rainfall and grey clouds for the whole day. But flat seas. Vis- very good.

90 divers on the island but only 20 saw the school and another 20 saw one. By now we guess you know what we mean by 'school and one'. Percentage of sightings are high but unfortunately some divers have zero percentage. Make sure you're in a group of divers with high percentage in luck or else, better luck next time.

All in all, not a bad day. Divers might consider looking at the reef fishes for a change. It's quite pretty, really. Think of it this way, if there were no reef, no reef fishes, no reef fishes means no reef predators, no reef predators means no big big big fishes (pelagics). And the pelagics need the reef fishes to do a bit of cleaning for them from time to time. We take it divers are aware of the cycle of life underwater. Or it will the birds for them.

The know alls are still in the blue trying but the other divers near the reef are the lucky ones. Good luck.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Labour Day Hammerheads

WX- The best you can find in Layang Layang (If you think this is self promo, IT IS).

All that can happen in a day(must be the Labour/Labor Day holiday), happened. Scary part is, expectation for tomorrow will be greater. In other words, all the hammerheads you can see, all the mobulars and everything else. Call it self promo if you will/want but this is Layang Layang (the last frontier in Malaysia for dive excitement).

The same old diver problems(the know alls) but WHATS NEW? Everyone thinks that Japanese golden week will be 100% (120 divers) full (including us), It's not true, we(DMs) are having the time of our lives. Too bad for the divers that came last week (what to do), we don't have an air tight contract with the hammerheads (or god). Generally speaking, having your own boat, own DM, own dive time does not mean you will get to have the hammerheads to yourself. LUCK is everything (theoretically speaking).

Ps. don't take it personally if you think we are writing about you. It's you that's taking it personally. Selamat.


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