Layang Layang Blues

Diving in Layang Layang, Sabah, Malaysia. The cheapest place to see schooling Hammerheads annually (if you are lucky).

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Here is a proposal to all you nice people and friends. Let me clarify what constitutes "friends".
1. Must have been here at least once and know at least 1 DM by name.
2. Hammerheads have not been and will not be a "be all or end all" for their Layang Layang holidays.
3. Must be cute and sexy or look like hunks (catchword- cute & look).
4. Must know how to relax or smoke cigars or drink wine or salsa or belly dance or read a book and chill out.

We want to organise a get together for you all at the same time (if possible).
We plan to do it next year 2007.
We need your clever ideas on how to make it work for you all.
Please suggest the dates, number of days, what you like to do (sarong party?), how many people (group size), who are the Dms you want to meet up with, what kind of activities (treasure hunt, workshops, photo comp.....) and so on.

This get together, if and when it turns to reality is NOT organised by the resort. However, we will endeavour to negotiate a reasonable discount for those really interested to make this work. Please make your suggestions by taking a bit of trouble to register and comment (the little box at the right hand bottom corner). Please feel free to suggest/comment, the "Idiot Registration" do not apply for this post only. Please leave your name and email address so that we may communicate directly with you.

We have at least 6-9 months to do this (only if you all want to). Bye.

Photo Competition

Wx- hot sun, clear skies and everything nice. Almost perfect for competition.

Photos posted here are not from the competitors. They are from kurt, again. He is not in the competition, he has gone home. Will try to keep you all posted on the competition when we feel up to it. And by the way, make sure you are certified and know how to dive before you ever enter a UNDERWATER photo competition.

Another reminder to all UNDERWATER photo enthusiasts. We are dealing with an environment called water and pressure. Please check your 'O' ring before, during and after you have closed the housing. Even the most meticulous of us do forget when we are excited and in a rush. We can tell you this for a fact, it is expensive and frustrating when it happens to you. Ce la vie.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello All

It has been sort of an interesting week so far.

Wx- Strong winds and choppy sea then sunshine, windless and hot. Now it is cloudy and overcast but calm sea. Vis- varied from green to clear blue and now dark without the sun.

Sightings for pelagics were 2 schools of hammerheads, mobulars, mantas and a whale shark yesterday. A lot of pygmy sea horses, ghost pipes and leaf fishes.

Kurt is back and now we have more photos to post. All these are from him, using a nikon with a seacam housing. Notice there are no rear shots? Phtographers out there, you ever wonder why?

The underwater photo competition is next week. The weather and vis for next week will be................. (someone better organise the bomoh quick, just in case).

We have an idea that we want to run it by you guys (only if you think you are a Friend of Layang Layang). We will tell you what it is on the next post.

We'll try to get more photos of the other types of underwater life for the next couple of post. Hope these photos satisfy your visual appetite. Until next post(soon), cheerio.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weather Change

Wx- calm sea, hot sun one week, then rough seas, strong wind the next. Vis- subjected to surface conditions, varies between 15m to 30m. Currents- normal with tide.

Another week closer to the photo competition. We are all interested to find out when the contestants submit their pics whether it will be tail shots or spectacular. If you think that the rules will change for the competition, think again. All recreational diving rules and the reef protection policy applies.

As for the sightings of the week, wellll, good and not as good. Everything still around regularly except for the hammerheads. So far only one peep of the school this week.

As you have noticed, the postings have been few and far in between. Blame the weather. We think that you all might get overdosed from it and slag off work. This way, you can continue to work honestly without having to get a dry diving fix. Pics are even more rare nowadays, so don't expect too many. Check out google earth if you miss us. Spot the bloggers contest is on. One beer for spotting the guy with the hammerhead suit. Bye.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Back Again

Stand-in guest writers for “on-holiday” editors. Thanks for the support!
BACK …………. 30 June to 06 July
Wx- strong wind (passing typhoon in Philippines) and big big waves earlier in the week, past 3 days flat calm seas.

This week a mix group from Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Denmark & Netherland on 2boats. Weather improved to calm flat sea with clear sunny sky. Moon & stars twinkle brightly above us.

School of hammerheads came back on July 05 morning for a quick show & then disappeared into depth. Lucky divers from only one boat saw them ………….. this proved sighting really depends on your luck (sigh!!!! You know which boat we were on …… not the ONE).

Dolphins sighted once riding waves of choppy sea rather than swimming along our boat. Pygmy seahorses tried to hide but we found them again!

Dogthooth tunas, manta rays, devil rays, jacks, barracudas, sharks (white tip & grey reef), leaf fishes & ghost pipe fishes were around to support the show. PTW


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